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Success with Electricians
Success with Electricians

Helpful Energy Tips During Summer

Every year, a household nowadays pays thousands of dollars for its electricity. Reducing your electricity consumption, especially during summers, can be done in many ways.

If you are someone who would like to come home to a cool environment after a long hot work, you can set up a programmable thermostat to prepare your home. Spending around 100 to 150 dollars for a programmable thermostat, can give you an electric power savings significantly around 10% every year.

You can save electricity also by just planting shadowy trees around your yard, and create a go green beautiful surrounding for your home.
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Air conditioners which are properly and regularly maintained can provide an efficient and clean cool air with less consumption of electricity in the process.
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Fluorescent light bulbs are more cost effective to use than the conventional incandescent light bulbs, saving you 75% of your electric consumption plus it lasts ten times long.

Using your fan is a practical way to circulate air and keep the thermostat a few degrees cooler while maintaining the cool environment.

Avoid consuming electric power by turning off your electronics, appliances and phone chargers when not in use.

Ducts should be checked for leakages so you won’t have a loss of electricity consumption. Ducts with leakage can cost you 20 to 40 percent of energy loss. By using a duct blaster test, you can check the pressure of ducts to see if it has leaks. Leaking ducts can be repaired by using a special metallic backing tape.

Hanging your clothes to dry under the hot summer sun will save you some energy consumption. If you need to use the dryer, set it on auto-dry mode instead of the timed cycle.

Your electricity bills increase if you have an empty refrigerator. Keeping full your refrigerator will help the temperature down since the cooled contents can keep it low and thus energy consumption lower too.

A simple repainting of the exterior of your house into white or light colors will avoid making your walls too hot, since it reflects back most of the sun rays, and thus reducing your need to air conditioned your rooms. Paint the exterior of your house with white or light colors, reflecting back most of the rays of the sun and avoiding making your walls too hot, thus you minimize the use of air conditioning and lower your energy consumption.

If money permits, it is advisable to have a standby generator especially during the summer months and a major electricity loss.

A skilled technician is needed to install sophisticated equipment like the standby generator. A standby generator can resupply your home with power as fast as ten seconds from the time of electricity loss. Therefore, choosing to buy and install a generator during the summer months is considered a wise choice.