What is trending in terms of fashion in the y-z generation?

Fashion Design

Fashion over the years has become somewhat of an ever-changing, dynamic fluid that influences our lives greatly. Throughout the centuries, paradigm shifts in fashion have reshaped our lives almost every decade, and recently, almost every year!The latest generation, also regarded as the y-z generations are youngsters and adults who have been influenced by the media a lot in terms of clothing and fashion. The exposure to globalization, the constant influx of new clothes, branding, advertising, companies pushing their name to appear on almost every piece of clothing has made our world quite diverse in terms of what we can wear every day.

The fashion of the y-z generation, therefore, is largely influenced by what they see on social media and in television. However, even television is becoming less important in this matter, because Youtube, Facebook are slowly taking over the TV industry. Since we get to connect with so many individuals, the modern person’s fashion sense is largely based on individuality. The era where everyone was wearing the same is long gone. Uniforms are largely outdated and not required in most institutions. Thus, if we talk about fashion in the y-z generation, then Fashion as an expression of individuality is the key for the modern teenager and middle-aged man.

Millenials are always trendsetters. Combine this with the huge expansion of social media and easy access to basically any online platform with famous people making appearances, you have got yourself unlimited exposure to newer and newer fashion trends. If we think about it, today’s fashion sense is not defined by one style anymore. This is mainly because we have all these past eras to reflect on when we examine our current fashion trends. This means that if someone wants to be retro, punk, casual, elegant, formal, they are all accepted because this new and modern world is largely about acceptance and individuality. The age of branding has somewhat blown over by now, and studies show that Millennials are increasingly less interested in logo-centric clothes and basically just want unbranded goods, which are more open to interpretation and are more casual, less representative.

This all reinforces the fact that more and more modern teenagers and grownups seem to be following increasing trend to create their own personal style, which is exclusive to them only. It is harder to be unique when hundreds of people wear the same T-shirt that has the same logo on it. These days, we become uncomfortable even when only one other person is wearing the same shirt or jacket as us. If one looks back on history, it is not easy to notice that people in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s mostly had the same style. There was glam, hippie, rock and roll and all these huge influences that made people dress the way they did. Back then, dressing like everyone else was seen as a way to fit in. This is not the case today, however.

Today, not many people want to dress the same way. This is why fashion in the y-z generation follows individuality and creativity. There is also increasing use of accessories, wristbands, bracelets, hats, scarfs and many other cosmetic extras that one can acquire for relatively cheap. If chosen well, these accessories can really boost the outward appearance of modern youngsters and adults as well. The fashion sense of the y-z generation is as diverse as ever these days. People dress very differently, and basically nothing is absurd, because to put it simply, we’ve seen it all. This will only become more interesting in the future!